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Instructions for Tongue Pictures

Examining the tongue is an important diagnostic technique in Chinese medicine. The shape, color, coating, and other features of the tongue convey a great deal of information about a person's state of health. This information helps your acupuncturist to customize your treatment to your particular needs. It also allows us to assess how you are progressing and whether your acupuncture and/or herbal treatments need to be adjusted as your body heals and changes.

Taking a photo of your tongue and sending it to me is the simplest way for me to examine and evaluate your tongue in preparation for a treatment.

1) Please watch this short video on how to get good pictures of your tongue.

2) Please send me a picture of your tongue prior to your virtual intake appointment and again before each follow-up appointment.

Thank you for taking the time to get good tongue pictures - they go a long way in helping me to design the best possible treatment for you.


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