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Self Care Resources

Banish Gas & Bloating with Chinese Medicine Wisdom

Check out this guide to self care practices for gas and bloating relief. You'll find acupressure points, self-massage and breathing techniques, herbal teas, and other natural ways to tame a gassy tummy. Click on the title above to download the pdf guide.

Post-Colonoscopy Recovery Tips from an Acupuncturist and Herbalist

A colonoscopy can be extremely useful or even life-saving, but it's rarely anybody's idea of a good time. In the 24 hours after the procedure, many people experience some nausea and/or abdominal discomfort. With these tips and tricks based on Chinese medicine principles, you'll be able to put those issues behind you and recover much faster. Click on the title above to download the pdf guide.

How to Relieve Sinus and Lung Congestion with a Steam Tent

Sinus congestion and pressure are among the worst miseries inflicted by colds and respiratory infections. Lung congestion and persistent cough, whether phlegmy or dry, can be exhausting and annoying. A steam tent treatment is one of those simple, old-fashioned home remedies that has stood the test of time because it provides so much relief for many of the symptoms of respiratory infections. It doesn't take long and doesn't require any fancy equipment - you won't need much more than a bath towel and a bowl of hot water.

Self Care Resources - Nurturing Spirit Acupuncture in Washington, DC, Dupont Circle

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