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Here's what patients are saying about acupuncture and virtual wellness sessions with Kate Quinn Stewart, L.Ac.:

***I was actually shocked at how effective the distance work was. It was potent, and I slept like a baby on my yoga mat for a half hour after the session in the same deeply restful state I get from an in-person needle treatment, then went back to my day with a calmer nervous system. This was a very helpful appointment - thank you for the healing session.
- L.H.

***I got so much from our virtual session today. Since we signed off, I've felt much more positive and creative about the good that can come from this period, and in general. It's wonderful to be blessed with the resource of you for me. You really do "get" me, and I appreciate all the wellness you have helped me achieve over the years.
- A.V.

*** For me, acupuncture with Kate has alleviated or reduced symptoms of a variety of health issues, especially some chronic ones – such as PTSD, migraines, poor sleep, stress, muscle pain, etc. And I truly enjoy my time with Kate, finding her to be a skillful listener, deeply empathetic, wise, and giving of concentrated attention. Kate is dedicated to my recovering health and a life in balance; I am grateful to her for an improved quality of life that I never thought I’d achieve.
- L.K.

*** Kate is one of the kindest, most patient, positive people I know. Using acupuncture, she helped me through some very difficult physical and emotional periods in my life, and I could not recommend her enough to others.
- K.L.

*** About thirty years ago Kate's cardiologist father performed an angiogram that revealed that I had very serious arteriosclerosis and severe heart disease. I chose not to seek a surgical solution, but rather supplemented my pharmaceutical regime with an alternative medicine, holistic approach with significant lifestyle improvements. This path eventually led me to Kate...first in massage therapy and then acupuncture. Kate's treatments led to a reduction in my blood pressure medication with more stable readings. Her holistic, mind-body approach have helped with other health issues, and I believe strengthened my body's ability to help cure itself. Now at age 81, I see Kate on a routine "preventive" basis which helps keep me healthy in many ways.
- T.M.

*** I initially sought acupuncture because I was going through fertility treatments and, through research, found that acupuncture could support my ability to conceive. Kate has treated me through a variety of IVF procedures, and I can honestly say she is an important part of why I have been able to start a family.   Even when I took a break from fertility treatments, though, I stayed with Kate as my acupuncturist over a long period of time because she also treats my asthma/allergies, has helped heal broken bones and sprains, and even supports my emotional well-being if that is what I need. I feel overall better and mentally fresh after each session and would highly recommend Kate as an acupuncturist (and have to many friends).

Beyond supporting my physical wellness, what makes Kate special is that she provides her services in a nurturing and educational way. She is always happy to explain why she is focusing on a certain point, what it is called, what it means in Chinese medicine, how that relates to Western medicine, and what else I can do to support my own well-being. I am continually impressed with Kate's ongoing self-education - it seems like she is constantly taking a variety of classes or reading new research to further her practice and help her clients.

Kate's tone and style are gentle, caring, and humorous, and I greatly look forward to my sessions with her. I know I'll benefit from the treatment, and I also feel I can openly and honestly share what has been happening with my body and mind since I last saw her. I always leave our sessions feeling healthier, clearer and more focused. She is a terrific acupuncturist and a real touchstone in my life, which is why I recommend her whenever I think a friend would benefit from her services.
- J.M.

***When I fist met Kate, I didn't know that she was going to have such a profound and positive impact on my life. My first impression of her wasn't wrong; she was kind, caring, insightful, intelligent, and had a way about her that made you feel like everything would be okay.

My health has drastically improved since I began treatments, and she was a vital element in my healthcare team while I was battling cancer in 2014. I believe that our sessions while I was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation made all the difference in how well I handled my cancer treatments.

Kate helped my body manage the swelling and pain that came post-surgery and during radiation. While going through chemotherapy, she was a godsend! Our sessions dealt with some of the "normal side effects" of cancer treatment that I was experiencing: headaches, muscle and joint pain, neuropathy, digestive and mouth issues, and the never-ending fatigue. Her treatments focused on helping my body be strong enough to continue fighting the good fight. Kate always remained positive, and often bolstered my spirits along with helping me find some calm amongst the chaos.

I consider Kate, and her treatments, to be one of the best things that's ever happened in my life. I would, and often do, recommend her to anyone looking to improve their overall health, peace of mind, and quality of life.
- R.S.

*** In 2006 or 2007 the tendonitis in my ring finger in both hands came back.  The pain was really bad and I did not want to receive another dose of steroid injections so I decided to seek acupuncture treatment.  At that time my friend highly recommended Kate and I’ve been seeing her since then. Thanks to her acupuncture treatment, my tendonitis is under control.

Initially I went to acupuncture for the pain in my wrists, elbows, and knees.  Now I go to acupuncture to address my health issues ranging from joint pains to tiredness and sinus/allergy related issues.

The overall experience is great because Kate is a very attentive listener with whatever issues I came in for and she answers all my questions about my acupuncture treatment. She’s very good at locating the acupuncture points.  I always look forward to my appointments and I feel a lot better (e.g. my joint pains gone, more energy, in a better mood) afterwards.

The treatments have improved my life physically and mentally. I have changed my attitude on treating my whole body health instead of treating just the symptoms.  Also I use the acupuncture treatments with Kate to help remind myself to be kinder to myself and to pay more attention to what my body needs.
- G.L.

*** When my hand wasn’t healing following surgery, a friend suggested that I try acupuncture.  I was amazed at how effective the first treatment was—the large bumpy red scar on my hand nearly disappeared, while normal color returned to the area, which had been bruised for weeks.  After further treatments, I realized how much better my entire body felt after an acupuncture session.  With regular visits, I found that my chronic sinus headaches became less frequent and less debilitating, and my symptoms during allergy season were less pronounced.  Based on my own positive experience, I have recommended acupuncture to many of my friends, who have found relief from tennis elbow and chronic neck pain, among other ailments.

What I appreciate about Kate is her compassion and her holistic approach to each patient. She takes the time to listen to what is going on in my life, from work stress to sleep patterns and allergy symptoms, and designs an approach that is specifically targeted to me. To me, regular acupuncture visits with Kate are an essential part of my healthcare and well-being.
- A.M.

*** Kate is a very comforting presence. She is helping with a very painful time...She is very professional and very kind. I never leave her acupuncture feeling anything but calm and taken care of. My pain is lessened greatly.
- A.K.

*** Thank you, Kate, You make acupuncture seem simple, helping me get my whole life in balance with ease. I am usually so focused on and distracted by the outside world. Your care helps my inside world flow with integrity again, so I can keep on healing.
- P.M.

*** Kate is extraordinarily smart, thoughtful, and effective! I trust her completely and highly recommend her.
- A.M.

Testimonials - Nurturing Spirit Acupuncture in Washington, DC, Dupont Circle

Testimonials - Nurturing Spirit Acupuncture in Washington, DC, Dupont Circle

Kate Quinn Stewart offers Acupuncture in Washington, DC, Dupont Circle

Nurturing Spirit Acupuncture offers safe, effective Acupuncture in Washington, DC, Dupont Circle


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